As I sit here on my deck, under the luscious canopy of cedar, fir and big leaf maple trees, I’m compelled to share my deepest gratitude for not only this moment, but for the journey that has led me here today. Through a period of great difficulty that I was faced with to this day, where new love, stronger family and self love are predominant features in my life, I’m overwhelmed and amazed at the transition.

A few years ago, I didn’t realize how unhappy I was and looking back, I see it more clearly. Today, my daughter is happy and doing well, I have the most wonderful new partner that I love so deeply and fully, my mom is now up here with me and my relationship is growing with her. I have a new beautiful extended family and I have met so many new friends and amazing people along the way. I have meaningful employment, a home that is my sanctuary and a wonderful art studio. I couldn’t ask for more.

So, I encourage anyone who feels lost or unhappy, to believe in themselves and take risks to move beyond the numbness and pain. In order for beauty to come into our lives, we need to make room for it. We have to let go and have the courage to embrace love with everything we have. Wishing you all peace and love. – Tina

Bee Baths!


I love being in my garden this time of year and was inspired to do something to help support my local bees. Over the years, I’ve had to fish out a few dead bees from my bird baths. So this year, I decided to make bee friendly baths where they can get access to water  without drowning. These little bee baths are made from thrift shop finds and are put together with waterproof silicone. You just put enough water in the bee bath, so the bees can land on the rocks and glass nuggets. If you are interested in purchasing a bee bath, email me at Prices range from $15 to $40 depending on sizes and materials used.


NEW! Pet Memorial Packages


Ellen Chappelle and I are pleased to announce our collaboration project to honor your beloved animal companions. This package was lovingly created to offer both a portrait, painted by me, and a pendant, created by Ellen Chappelle with the ashes of your precious pet.

Please visit the following links at Limelight-Designs for more information and ordering:

Petite Pet Memorial Package

Mini Pet Memorial Package

Mandala workshops- will travel

12592185_10205729287131444_6008203584125989917_nI have been drawing mandalas for 20 years as a way to help myself deal with stress and to open myself up to creative exploration. I believe in the healing power of mandalas as a tool for quieting the mind and finding balance for our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. I also want to share this with my local community as much as I can to help others find a tool that can add a sense of peace and stability to their lives.

This is not a workshop just for “artists”. This is a workshop for EVERYONE! It’s not about the final product, it is about the journey of creating and the practice of letting go and listening to your inner voice. Most people who have attended my workshops, either in my home studio or at retreats, have been surprised by the outcome of their own personal mandala work. It is a powerful and beautiful experience to see the beauty of your own self reflected back at you in your mandala.

I hold regular workshops every month in my studio. I am also seeking opportunities to come and share this experience with groups throughout my community.

Regular workshops in my home studio are $30 per person, with drop in nights the first Sunday of the month for $10 to just cover supplies.

Group sessions are offered at a reduced rate:

6-15 people = $25 per person

16-25 people = $20 per person

26+ = $15 per person

$8 per person for non-profit organizations.

All supplies are included. Contact me to come to your event: | 425-343-8752