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I have been drawing mandalas for 20 years as a way to help myself deal with stress and to open myself up to creative exploration. I believe in the healing power of mandalas as a tool for quieting the mind and finding balance for our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. I also want to share this with my local community as much as I can to help others find a tool that can add a sense of peace and stability to their lives.

If you are interested in a having me host a mandala workshop, please contact me. Prices are reasonable and mainly cover materials. This is not a workshop just for “artists”. This is a workshop for EVERYONE! It’s not about the final product, it is about the journey of creating and the practice of letting go and listening to your inner voice. Most people who have attended my workshops, either in my home studio or at retreats, have been surprised by the outcome of their own personal mandala work. It is a powerful and beautiful experience to see the beauty of your own self reflected back at you in your mandala.

All supplies are included. Contact me to come to your | 425-343-8752