Pet Portraits

Let’s face it—they’re family. I enjoy painting custom animal companion portraits, because these paintings are always commissions from the heart.

Milli - acrylic on canvas (private collection)
Milli – acrylic on canvas (private collection)

As the human companion of three rescue cats, I know the importance of supporting animal welfare causes. When you commission a pet portrait from me, you also designate an animal welfare organization to receive 10% of my proceeds from the pet portrait. Please contact me about portrait options. I work directly from digital photographs so that makes it easy for you!


“Tina completely captured the spirit of our dog, Sieger, without ever having met him. It is clear from this portrait, and the other works of hers I have seen, that she has a special connection with animals and has found a way to show it with paint and canvas. Tina painted the portrait of our dog from a photo provided by my husband. Although I could immediately recognize the photo that inspired the painting, the painting captures so much more than a photo ever could. The composition and color choices reflect the warmth and charm that were ever-present when Sieger was with us. Our dog’s portrait was a gift to me after his death and has an honored place in our home. His portrait is a comforting presence, simultaneously lifting my spirits and lowering my blood pressure whenever it catches my eye.

I was also pleased to learn that Tina makes a contribution to the animal welfare non-profit of your choice when you commission a pet portrait from her. In this way she helps to pay it forward by giving clients a simple, beautiful way to remember a cherished pet and helping to ensure the well-being of other animals who may not have found the right people for them yet. It is an admirable business model for an equally admirable artist.” – Ginger Everhart


“We have commissioned three wonderful pieces of artwork from the talented Tina Marohn and each one of them is a treasure. Her portraits of our dogs Sera and Milli captured the essence of each so perfectly. They are not only beautiful paintings but lasting memorials to beloved members of our family. The stained glass piece we commissioned is equally exquisite in its detail and quality. Tina works closely with you throughout the design process so that each piece is uniquely “you.”  We thoroughly enjoyed working with this remarkable artist (and lovely person, besides!) and recommend her work very highly.”  – Nolan and Catherine Anderson, Moscow, Idaho